FLEXIBEET 2-compartment raised bed


The FLEXIBEET module has a distinctive interlocking structure. It is this distinctive interlocking structure which makes the FLEXIBEET so unique. The interlocking structure also makes it possible to assemble the modules very quickly in an array of formations, and also means raised beds can be expanded easily.
Assembly guide

As the FLEXIBEET is made of a completely rot-proof and weather-resistant plastic you do not need to line it with foil or treat it with protective paint, which means you have more time to spend on your garden.


Technical details

Floor space 0 x 0 m
Planting area 0 m²
Volume capacity 0 m³
Working height 0,77 m
Material plastic
Side elements 7 pieces
Price € 0,00

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Benefits of the FLEXIBEET raised bed

Quick, easy and tool-free assembly

Flexibeet modules can be interlocked incredibly quickly and easily, and no tools are required.

Durable and maintenance free

As our raised beds are made from plastic they are extremely durable and, by comparison to wooden raised beds, are easy to maintain, with no painting or impregnation necessary. Our material is completely rot proof and, of course, cannot rust.

Comfortable working height

By using a raised bed you have the advantages of working at a comfortable and back-friendly height.

Soil quality is no obstacle

Poor soil quality is no longer an issue when using a raised bed.

Use FLEXIBEET to create your individual raised bed design!

Flexibeet is unique in the variety of possible assembly options - whether triangular, square or round, find the perfect shape for your gardening needs.


Flexibeet is expandable. Flexibeet's unique interlocking structure makes it possible to expand the raised bed after initial assembly.
Please note: the raised bed may need to be emptied before it is expanded further.

Pest protection

A raised bed is an excellent way to keep any unwanted pests away from your plants. Flexibeet makes it easier for you to plant, dig and water but it is much harder for snails and voles to get inside your raised bed.

Flexibeet is 100% made in Germany.